Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking Young Twins to Disney World - Getting and Staying There

            As we got closer to the actual trip we had a few burning questions regarding our twins.  This would be their first trip on a plane and we wanted to make sure their time was occupied.  At the same time we wondered whether car seats were feasible or necessary for the plane trip.  In our case, because we were staying in WDW and were not renting a car, we did not have need for them.  We also had our seats professionally installed and did not really want to take them out.  We solved the first question through buying a couple of “travel” games and a portable DVD player with two headphones so they could watch together.  On the plane, Abby and Josh watched the seatback TV, but in the airport they were able to watch the DVDs we brought to amuse them.  This was also useful for some quiet time after a long day in the park back in the hotel room. 
Two huge questions, whether you have multiples or not, are how are you getting to Orlando and where are you staying?  We were flying and since our focus was entirely on Disney World, and we were staying at a hotel on the grounds, we did not need a car.    However, we did need to get to and from Orlando International Airport.  Through my research I discovered town car service.  It works like a limousine, except that they meet you at the baggage area, help bring your bags to the car and even provide car seats.  However, I did not know that I had to install the car seats, myself and they were not very good ones at that.  One of the best aspects was the fact that we could stop at a grocery store on the way to the hotel and buy drinks and snacks for the week, such as bottled water (which is expensive in WDW).  My wife had already packed some snacks because, while security does check all bags entering the parks, they turn a blind eye to food and drinks.  So there is me at the grocery store, dressed in my Canadian winter jeans and sweatshirt in the Florida heat.
If you actually stay at a Disney Resort, you can use their Magic Express bus service for free.  But keep in mind that it has mixed reviews and many reviewers said they waited hours to get their luggage at the hotel.  On the way back to the airport, we decided to use a Mears shuttle, which was cheaper and quicker, and we didn’t need the car seats.  Another option, of course, is to stay off the grounds in either a suite hotel or a rental condominium.  With multiples, having extra room is always great, but you would definitely need a car, as most of the outside hotel shuttles to WDW are very infrequent.  Also, you might want a kitchen or kitchenette to be able to save some money on meals, which are expensive in the parks.

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