Saturday, January 26, 2013

Timbits Hockey on an Outdoor Rink

I had to write today about watching my son play Timbits hockey on an outdoor rink.  We were only told this past weekend that the Tony Roman Houseleague Tournament game would be moved to the Markham Civic Centre's outdoor rink and the two side-by Mini Mites division games (for four to six year olds) would be part of the opening ceremonies.  Then the cold spell that has rocked the Eastern part of the US and Canada hit and I was concerned all week that it would be bitterly cold for all the little future Sidney Crosbys, including my son. 

But it turned out to be an excellent day, not too cold and very sunny.  The enthusiasm of the players and the parents and grandparents watching added to the atmosphere.  Outdoor games are so rare nowadays, and due to the NHL's Winter Classic, they have seemingly become "special events."  For my son's first ever real game to be on an outside rink without real boards was something I would never have anticipated.  And now that it is over I will always have fond memories of it.  I hope that my son does too! 

Not that I really care about anything other than that he is having fun, but the fact that he nearly scored twice was extra exciting.  He said the goalie saved his best attempt but, in fact, if an actual goal line had been painted on the ice, it probably would have been past it, when the goalie actually saved it.  Since the score was kept officially but not publicized, and there were no face offs at centre ice except for shift changes, I don't know whether it was counted as a goal or not. My son certainly didn't seem to be bothered by it, which makes me even more proud of him.

I know this blog is about raising twins, so I will finish this entry by mentioning that his twin sister (and his mother) did attend the game to cheer him on...and enjoyed a chocolate Timbit to eat.  By the way, for those that are not familiar with Tim Horton's, a Canadian coffee and fast food super franchise, a Timbit is what the rest of the world calls a doughnut hole...or a very young hockey or soccer player!

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  1. Actually Steve, the rest of the world would know the Timbit as a Munchkin (Dunkin Donuts).