Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Twins School Decision

            I am writing this in order to sort through a decision my wife and I will be making with regards to our twins attending a new school next year.  You see our boy and girl are now attending kindergarten, but not at their home school, due to their daycare situation.  Next year, they will be going to our home public school.  When they entered kindergarten, we requested that they be together, and this was granted, especially considering the fact that we were only going to be in the school for two years. 
            Now they will be in their new school, and even though we had been thinking that we would separate them in grade one, we are starting to ponder whether requesting that they be together for one more year might make the most sense.  At a recent parent-teacher interview, we were told that not only do they not play together, but they have totally different interests and largely different friends in the classroom.  They do often walk in to class together, occasionally even holding each other’s hand, but they are clearly individuals after that.  We have always felt that as twins they are more comfortable when the other one is there, but not dependent on him or her.  Their teacher even volunteered that it might be a good idea for them to be together again next year, since they were going to a new school.         
            If they were still at their current school, we would undoubtedly separate them, because we think they should be able to handle it, and long term we feel that being in separate classrooms is better for them.  It certainly takes away the comparing of them, which is only human nature for the teacher.  But since they have been no trouble and are clearly independent of each other in both school and the classroom, having one more year together in the same classroom while adjusting to a new school (and a full day of class rather than just a morning or afternoon) would be helpful to them. 
            Even if we do make the request, the school administration may turn us down, for whatever reason, valid or not.  But my wife and I need to sort what we want to do first, and I think I am leaning towards one more year together, if possible.

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