Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Twins' Birthday Party Update

Some of you may have read my recently published article in Twins Magazine. It was about planning birthday parties for twins, and I recounted each of our twins' birthday celebrations for the first few years. In the article, I also mentioned that we were in the midst of planning their 6th birthday party, a combined affair taking place at a trampoline centre. Here is an update on how that went. The party was very successful. Both my son and daughter, and apparently most or all of their attending friends, really enjoyed it! The party consisted of an hour of trampoline time, with fifteen children taking turns on six tramps. There was also a fun performance by the instructors, jumping and flipping over our twins, who were lying on their backs looking at the action above them. I guess that is why they require that all parents sign a waiver for their child. Afterwards, we had some snacks and the birthday cakes. Each of our children chose a theme for their cake as well as the flavour. My son had a chocolate cake decorated with Lego Ninjago. My daughter had a half chocolate / half vanilla cake with Hello Kitty decorations. We sang each of them "Happy Birthday" separately. The snacks included grape kebobs (put together by my wife and mother-in-law), watermelon, cheese strings, pretzels, popcorn, red licorice sticks, and bottled water. It was mid-afternoon so it allowed us to avoid having to serve a full lunch. We brought a marker to label the waters with each child's name. So, as I wrote in the original article, we were once again able to combine our twins' birthday parties. Whether this will happen again next year is anyone's guess. But I wouldn't hesitate to go back to the trampoline centre for a future party.

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