Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doing Some Things for Myself for a Change!

There is little doubt that parenting twins is a full time job. It takes a great commitment and effort, and often times, as with any parent, you need to put your children's needs first. With twins, finding any time for yourself, especially when they are younger, and especially if you are working a full-time job, seems next to impossible.

But lately, now that my twins are a bit older, I am making time for myself, and my wife Lisa is doing the same. My writing is something I do because I enjoy it. But writing my articles and/or my blog has been done in short snippets of time, whenever and whereever I can - during my son's hockey practice or daughter's dance class, or after they are in bed, or are playing on the weekends. But scheduled activities are more difficult. My wife has finally been able to return to Pilates, on a weekly basis, at a time that works for us. And now I am returning to play in a slow pitch softball league for the first time since before kids. It is only one night of the week, and the game times are very consistent, which is a big help to a parent of younger children.

I am determined to pursue my main interests, as well as keep up with my friends, while at the same time being the involved father, my wife and kids have come to expect--and that I expect of myself. During the first couple of years or so, having my own interests and finding time for them seemed overwhelming. But know I am doing some things for myself for a change! Yes, it is possible my fellow twin parents!

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