Monday, July 29, 2013

The Camp Test So Far

The first part of the camp separation test is done, and it was a huge success. First of all, the kids loved the camp! They did not spend much time together during the camp day, but did ride on the bus together. In fact, this particular camp creates a seating plan for the campers and so my son and daughter sat together both ways. They also usually saw each other at swim times, but were not in the same group for instructional swims. My daughter had one advantage to my son, as she had a friend in her cabin group. This had been prearranged once we knew the two would be attending camp at the same time. Unfortunately for my son, a class mate and friend of his did turn up at the camp, but since neither family knew the other was attending, they were not in the same group.

On the first day, they reported to us that at recreational swim time they had played together along with the friend of my daughter (who also is friends with my son). The next day, apparently the two girls “fought” over playing with him. But by the time the two weeks were concluding, each was playing with their own friends at swim time, and enjoying their own activities. This week begins a new challenge, with our twins attending separate camps at totally different locations. Each of them does not know anyone at the camp (although my daughter did recognize a few faces from her school). She, unfortunately, fell ill on the first day, so her experience is difficult to gage at this point. My son really enjoyed himself, and I had no trouble dropping him off in the morning. He seems like me in the sense that he picks activities he enjoys and he will make friends through the activities. Perhaps this is just a guy thing. My daughter makes friends very easily, but takes some time to warm up to new situations, and so is more secure when she knows someone, but not necessarily her brother. She takes after my wife. One thing that helps in this case, is that the location of the camp is at the dance school she attends, so she is already familiar with it.

At this point, both my wife and I feel that our kids are ready for the classroom separation. The first week off from school, and prior to camp, when they were constantly at each other was further evidence of this! The first camp session went very well and it actually mimics what school will be like, with the school bus ride being replaced by before and after school care, and swimming being replaced by recess. If they can handle being at different camps, there will be little doubt left...not that there is much now, that they will be fine once September and school arrives.

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