Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let me count the ways...that Dads Can Help!

I have read quite a few posts on Facebook recently from mothers of twins complaining that their husband does not help enough with the twins or other children, and the amount of stress it puts on the mom.  As a dad of twins myself,  I hope that the reason in most cases is that the dad may not be aware of the ways he can help with his babies, toddlers or children,  It is in this vain that I write this list of ways, from my experience at least,  that dads can help with twins.

Help with any bottle feedings.  Even after going back to work I did a late night feeding.

Change diapers.  Hey,  it's only poo!

Buy and make any formula.   Please read the section in my book, Twice Blessed: A Parent's Guide to Twins for more details on this topic.

Watch the babies or kids for an hour or two or three to give your wife a break or to let her get out of the house.

Make dinner once or twice a week.   It can be something simple such as sandwiches or nachos (my wife's favourite!)

Take one twin outside,  to the park, or on an errand for some one on one time.

Do some household chores such as cleaning up after meals or folding the laundry.

Take time to listen and talk to your wife.

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