Thursday, August 23, 2012

Traveling with Twins Tips # 2 & 3: Consider Space and Plan Ahead

2.      Consider space when selecting accommodations.  When we travel as a family we try to stay in suites, so that we have a room for the parents and one for the kids.  An excellent chain for this type of accommodation is the Embassy Suites. There are other chains and individual properties that do have a similar set up.  Even room size can make a big difference.  When our family travelled to Walt Disney World, we chose not to stay in a Disney owned moderate or value priced hotel because we understood that the rooms were very small.  Instead, we stayed at a hotel in the Downtown Disney Resort Area and the room had two queen beds and a lot more space.  Cottage resorts or just renting a cottage is another excellent option and a great way to spend a family vacation.  Cottages are naturally spacious compared to other accommodations and usually include full kitchens and even barbecues.

3.      Plan ahead!  This applies to both longer road trips and plane trips.  Be aware of things such as your children’s nap (if applicable) and bed times and try to plan travel around these as much as possible.  If you are driving, think of where you might stop to eat and/or for washroom breaks.  Smart phones and tablets have apps that can find the nearest restaurant or gas station.  My personal favourite is “Timmy’s Me” which finds me the nearest Tim Horton’s location and can even narrow them down to the drive thrus only.  Don’t hesitate to bring snacks in the car or on the plane.  Most food that isn’t a liquid or a gel is allowed through security.  My wife and I always pack and bring such healthy snacks as granola bars and fruit bites and bars to quell the kids’ hungry moments. 

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