Monday, August 27, 2012

Traveling with Twins Tips # 4 & 5: Travel Toys and Baby Equipment

4..     Dollar store toys can be a great tool to occupy the kids, especially when unpacking at your destination.  We take one or two trips to Niagara Falls each year, and we buy each child a small toy from the dollar store to give to them upon arrival.  For plane trips, we buy “travel toys” that they can use on the plane and in the airport.  For example, on a trip to Disney World, we got our son a magnetic airport scene builder, and for our daughter we purchased a “Where’s Waldo” card game.  These games have been used a few times since on other trips.

5,      If you plan to do a lot of road trips, for example to visit family out-of-town, choose a vehicle accordingly.  In other words, keep cargo space in mind when you make your selection if you will probably be hauling lots of baby equipment.  Especially when your twins are very young, try to figure out what you will need and whether it can be accommodated in your vehicle..  We have a large vehicle that has a lot of cargo space.  Our first couple of years that we rented a cottage or travelled to Niagara Falls, we were able to bring our large double stroller, an indoor safety fence, and two pack-and-play cribs to sleep in, along with our suitcases.  Packing the car was very difficult and for the cottage we packed up their toys in a rooftop cargo holder that we purchased for such trips.  If we had not had the ability to stuff all the equipment in the car, we would have had to make some choices and left some items behind.  However, sometimes it isn’t necessary to bring things.  Many hotels have cribs available and also bed rails too.  I will deal with strollers specifically in my next tip.

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