Friday, June 21, 2013

Camp Will Be a Good Test

So our twins finally know that they will not be in the same class next year. They are going to a new school for grade one and the school is unable to keep them together. There are several sets of twins and triplets in kindergarten alone! The principal, however, to her credit has made sure that they are in classrooms that are next to each other, and in the same "pod." We had requested this if they were not together.

So in preparation for the move to the new school, my wife and the kids went on a tour of the school, and each child was shown "their own" classroom. We hadn't actually told them yet that they would be separated because nothing is official until it actually happens. But also, because we hope that camp will be a good test for daily separation. They have done lots of programs separately from each other, but have always been in the same class or day care room.

Since we have always had to secure their day care spots during the summer, this will be the first time that they will be at camp. At first they will be at the same camp, but different cabin groups as boys and girls are separate. However, they will travel on the same bus back and forth and will know at least a couple of kids on the bus. My daughter will also have a friend from the school we are leaving in her group. Then our twins go to different specialty camps and we have to transport them to different locations. Neither know of any friends attending, so they will have to make new ones.

I am thinking that this should be a good test for their separation, and it couldn't come at a better time. And any how, as a teacher I am quite aware of the inherent resiliency of children. School class separation at this point is probably the best for them, and so camp will be the perfect preliminary for the main event in September.

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