Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sometimes They Can't Both Win

Recently, a Facebook post caught my attention by asking what you do when one twin wins an award and the other doesn't. I got several Likes for my comment that my wife and I try to teach our kids to be happy for each others successes and not to brag about their accomplishments. This past year, there have been a few of these situations that we have had to deal with.

The most recent was my daughter passing her swim level while my son did not. We were proud of both children's effort and progress and my wife thought to reward both of them by making a special treat at home for them. This worked well.

Earlier in the school year, my son was surprised with a class academic award at a school assembly. But the best part of the story is that my daughter stood up and gave him an impromptu hug in support. So I think they are learning that each will have his or own time to shine and to be happy for the other one's accomplishments.

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