Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Interesting Look at Birthday Gifts for Twins

So our twins just had their combined 7th birthday party. A few of the kids had invited one of them, a couple had invited both, and some had not invited either (at this point in the school year). Most of the invited were friends of one of our children but only a few were both. The invitations had both our kids name on it. So how did our guests' parents handle the gift giving?

We expected in fairness that some would bring a gift for only one child, the one they would have been invited by. Especially if only one of our kids attended their party and brought one gift. But it was more than a few that bought both kids a gift. And the quality of the gifts were no less thoughtful and impressive. It makes me feel good about making sure that if both our kids go to a party, they bring a total of two gifts, and each gift is the same as if the child was attending alone.
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