Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Booster Seat Break Through!

Finally! At our twins' yearly medical check up, we got the news we had been waiting for. Our daughter finally weighed the required forty plus pounds to move from a forward facing car seat to a booster seat. Our son had done so a year ago. We all, including my daughter, were getting sick of the nuisance and permanency of the car seat.

Since both of us are regularly involved in either dropping off or picking up at school and activities, we need car seats and/or boosters in both cars. My wife's car had a regular car seat in it, so we removed that and bought my daughter a new booster. We debated putting her in the basic seat with no backing, but opted for a Graco one with a removable back, for greater safety. Some kids eventually don't want the backing because they feel they have outgrown it. We actually ended up getting the same model as my son's except in pink and black. Our daughter loved it!

In my car I had a two- in - one which converted from a forward facing to a booster seat. However, it was clear my daughter didn't want this as it wasn't a real booster and feels like a regular car seat. At the same time, my son's converted booster from a three - in - one had just expired after six years of use. So the decision was made to purchase non backed boosters for my car.

The other great things about booster seats are that they aren't attached and don't have to be installed, and they take less time for our kids to get strapped in. Our two are already slow enough leaving the house as it is! We are going to try to sell our car seats to someone in our local multiples group as the seats aren't near expiring. Finally!

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