Saturday, April 12, 2014

Time Alone is Important Too

On most Wednesday and Saturday evenings my wife and I have dinner by ourselves after the kids are in bed. We have been doing this since our twins were very young.

Last Wednesday,my daughter asked why we were not eating with them again. My wife quickly responded that "We love each other and just want to spend some time together. It is important that we do." Well stated. This echoes my sentiments exactly. 

It is extremely important for parents, especially with twins, to make time for each other as well as the kids. It could just be a few minutes each night or the occasional dinner. Once a month we try to get paid or unpaid for babysitting for a "date night". Nothing fancy. Just time spent alone together to eat, enjoy a glass of wine, and chat. On Wednesday nights,I usually make nachos and we sit in front of the TV. But this makes a world of difference to our relationship,and we don't love our kids any less!
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  1. Thanks Steven. As a father to twin girls I can relate and have been trying to get the balance right for sometime. Good call outs, especially the nachos!